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Million Dollar Facial System

The Million Dollar System is the result of combining the highest quality clinically proven ingredients with their bespoke treatment protocols to bring pure indulgence as well as results to your salon. The Million Dollar System is the fastest growing facial treatment system since its launch in 2018.

They are a results driven skincare brand. A complete business solution consisting of cosmeceutical grade products designed to target and treat all skin types.

They have a diverse range of products. Their professional range consists of 29 skincare products and enables you to carry out result driven treatments within your professional setting, following many of the robust protocols. The cosmeceutical retail range of products consists of 25 clinically backed products that have gathered the interest and acclaim of top publications such as Vogue, Tatler, Harpers Bazaar and Vanity fair.

'We are proud to also say that our customers are our influencers, the real results come from them. That is why you will see us showcasing as many of your results as possible on all of our social media platforms. We’re proud to say that we have 5-star reviews post training and that’s where the support for your business only just begins.

Our system consists of 18 treatments and growing, 12 hands on treatments to 6 advanced protocols. Some of our advanced treatments consist of techniques such as micro needling, dermaplaning and skin peels. Our system has solutions to treat the face, body and hair. Our system has something for everyone, be it skin concern or budget.'

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