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MC10 Skin Analysis Technology

Maximise your clinical/salon success through comprehensive consultation and skin health assessment using this advanced skin analysis device.

Why choose the MC10?

This sleek, easy to use advanced technology skin analyser and included iPad uses intelligent face positioning symptom analysis, skin data comparison technology and a unique graphics algorithm. 

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Advanced Technology

Using 5 different spectra techniques, taking pictures in high definition, utilising intelligent face-positioning symptom analysis & Skin data comparison analysis, we are able to assess multiple layers of the skin and measure superficial and deeper skin issues. Using frontal or side shooting in daylight, cross-polarised light, parallel-polarised light, UV Ultraviolet light and Woods light enables you as a practitioner to have a corrective and preventative approach to your bespoke and personalised client treatment programme and homecare regime.

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Essential Consultation, Retail, and Social Media Tool

As a skin specialist and educator, myself and Louisa Webb, a recruitment, sales and aesthetics consultant believe that being able to view multiple skin layers and identify concerns in the skin in a scientific and diagnostic way is invaluable for offering a comprehensive consulttion to your clients. Whether you're building a client treatment programme or homecare regime, or beginning and continuing your client relationship and retention this analysis technology is guarenteed to increase profitability within your business through retail sales and overall. 

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Ongoing Sales and Educational Support

Alongside 12 months, warranty, a CE registered device and free delivery, you will receive full onboarding training and education, ongoing educational support, access to our online resources folder and ongoing sales support. Myself and Louisa pride ourselves on an excellent reputation with a dedicated approach to client care and satisfaction with a passion for education and performance. 

Skin Concerns

360° Approach to Skin Health

Sensitivity / Skin Barrier

Superficial Pigmentation

Lines & Wrinkles


UV spots / Deep Pigmentation



Meet the Team

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